Useful Shortcuts for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio CodeVSCode

Adjust Indent

You can adjust indents manually with Alt + Shift + F keys.

But if you don’t want to type them every time, I recommend the auto indent feature.

Move to [File] > [Preferences] >[Settings]. Then, Enter “formaton". You can see the following setting items.

Check the each items.

Open Next Editor (Tab)

There are 2 options.

1. Ctrl + Tab

Open the navigation and select an editor from the list.

2. Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down

Go to the next editor horizontally.

Comment Out

Ctrl + /

Very popular!

Select Multi Same Words

Ctrl + D – One by one

Ctrl + Shift + L – Select all same words


Alt + Ctrl + ↑ / ↓

Search / Replace

Ctrl + F – Search

Ctrl + H – Replace

Split Editor

Ctrl + \

Change Keybinding

You can change keybinding from default settings to the keys you want to use.

Ctrl + KCtrl + S

The setting page is shown. You can change keybindings on this page.