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Case1. Save an Image File on Local Filesystem

Because Image file is temporary saved on tmp directory just after it is picked by Image picker, the image file should be re-saved on the local filesystem permanently.

In this example, the variable “image” has a temporary file path, an ...

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If you haven’t read “Which is Better? ExpoCLI Tool or React Native CLI“, please visit this post at first.

Start Expo CLI Tool

After Install, start Expo CLI with the “npm start” command.


npm start>@ start C:\test-project>expo startStarting proje ...

Development,React Native

Expo CLI Tool

Expo is a third-party service. It removes a lot of complexity, and provides lots of convenience & utility features.


In other words, It is a thin extra layer between your app and the vanilla React Native.

For detail, you can find the first step here “

Rea ...