Add the following entry in “http{}” block on the/etc/nginx/nginx.conflog_format debug_val_format "$debug_val";In the “server{}” block , for example, set the following entries.#For debuggingset $debug_val "value is :$valiable";access_log/var/log/nginx/debug_val.log debug_val_f ...


If you want to know how to setup a basic HTTP reverse proxy server with NGINX, please visit “How To Setup HTTP Reverse Proxy with Nginx” at first.

In this article, we assumed that the basic setup for a basic http reverse proxy is already finished.

Obtain Certificates for HTTP ...


If you want to know how to install NGINX, please visit “How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04” at first.

Setup HTTP Reverse Proxy!

Let’s try to setup a HTTP reverse proxy server with Nginx as the following picture.

Understand Nginx’s configuration files.

NginxR ...


Nginx is one of the most popular and highest performance web servers in the world.
In most cases it is used a web server or HTTP/HTTPS reverse proxy. Also recently it can become a proxy of UDP stream.

Install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04sudo apt updatesudo apt install nginxCheck If Your Nginx is ...