Option 1. Use the “/etc/localtime” file

Mounting the “localtime” file is the most popular way to change the timezone of containers. Here is an example.

Example: By using host server’s “/etc/localtime” file, change container’s timezone.

sudo ...


Port Forwarding Feature on Docker

As you know, on Docker, you can set port forwarding between host server and containers with the following command.

$ docker container run -p :

Example: Create Nginx container. In this case the packets coming to 80 port on the host server will be forwarded to ...


Basically, there are 2 options to control containers with shells without SSH login.

Option 1. Use -t (pseudo-tty) option without ssh

Example: Create a new nginx container named “webnode“, and run it interactively. By using “-t” option that simulates a terminal, you ca ...


Basically, you can see the all commands with “docker container –help“, but at first, I believe you need the following commands for your quick start!

Basic commands

Check version.

$ docker version

Check more details.

$ docker info

Docker command format.

$ docker ...


Install Ubuntu to virtual box.

1-1. Download and Install Ubuntu.

Ubuntu-downloadInstall some applications and change OS settings.

2-1. Install ssh.

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server

2-2. Install curl.

$ sudo apt install curl

2-3. Install git.

$ sudo apt install git

2-4 Cha ...